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Disneyland: I learned nothing here

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Although not exactly having anything to do with my original intent to travel to California, Disneyland was a pleasant detour. After getting off the plane in LAX, out immediate thought was to head straight to Los Angeles, then up north to the Gold Base. But, the writhing child inside me yearned to go to Disneyland one more time before it got too 'creepy' for me to be there. The initial idea of going to Disney was to go there from the expected time of arrival (around noon or so) until 9. We decided 9 because from what we could figure, all of the younger kids are off to bed well before then, and the lines'll be shorter. We ended up staying until 11 am the next morning, the 8th. It really was a magical experience, bonding with family and rediscovering my inner child. I got a neat pin too, so that's a bonus.

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Ta-Ta and So Long, Toronto

Into the Great Unknown I Go!

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With my bags packed, my phone left behind, and my hair gel stealthily hidden in my luggage, I was ready to head out into the great unknown. Or just 'California', if you prefer. For a mission through school, I was to choose a religion and make pilgrimage to its most sacred of sites, or in my case, main basis of operation and create a small project on what I had learned. I had chosen Scientology and after a short phone call to a young man named John and arranging my arrival and stay, I was head out to California and visit the Scientology main headquarters, 100 miles north of Los Angeles in a place called Gold Base. John had arranged for me to arrive in LAX from YYZ on the 7th of July, visit the grounds go Gold Base on the 9th, and be back home before the 12th. Not wanting me to go alone, (or maybe in the hopes of seeing Ryan Gosling or any other such celebrity) my parents and my brother tagged along. They of course not being part of the project, had no intent of joining me to Gold Base. That didn't make me nervous at all. No, not at all. I'm not freaking out, you're freaking out!

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