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By Liam Grice

This blog was created for my High School Religion Class Final Summative. In no way, shape or form am I or have I ever been affiliated with anybody from the Church of Scientology. I have never been to California and I have certainly never been to Gold Base, the headquarters of the Church of Scientology. Any people, events, etc are strictly fictional -unless stated otherwise- and were made up on the spot by me. Any similarities are simply coincidental and in no way were based off any actual affiliates of the Church of Scientology.

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What I Actually Learned

Some Tidbits From the Actual Seminar and From My Project

semi-overcast 26 °C

I met a few more people whilst in the main lobby of the first building. There was Mike, who worked as a carpet installer in his time not there at Gold Base. There was also a young lady named Barbra who showed me around the most, aside from John McPerfect Hair. The whole thing looked very intimidating. Pictures of former members on one wall, staring down at you and a large bay window looking out into a vast field on the other wall. I felt very out of place. But, everyone was very friendly and made me feel comfortable the more I stayed. We travelled down one hall, towards where the seminar was going to be held. Lining the walls were large maple doors and paintings between those of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. I was told at the beginning of my tour that I was not allowed to take any pictures or videos and therefore am restricted to simply describing the majesty of the whole thing.

The seminar taught me 3 main things, and those things were what I included in my final project they were:

The basis of Scientology was a foundation formed by a self-help system called Dianetics created by science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard. This self-help system was then developed further into a wide-ranging set of ideas, doctrines and rituals as part of his own, new religious movement. This movement was subsequently called “Scientology”. His previous works about Dianetics later became the guiding texts for Scientology and its main practice of auditing amongst its members. The first official Church of Scientology was founded in 1953, in Camden, New Jersey by Hubbard himself. Although some skeptics may say otherwise, the number of members (as stated by the Church itself) are in the 8 millions and are ever-growing.


As a Scientologist, ones main goal is to better oneself in an effort to then better society as a whole. Without touching upon the more controversial subjects involving Scientology, the main core of the religion is mainly focused on betterment of the world. The essence of Scientology is focusing on the human spirit - its salvation and rehabilitation and how this can be accomplished. It teaches that instead of a person being just a physical body, man has always been and seen himself as a spiritual being. Scientology dispels the idea of man being just a hyper intelligent animal, no different to a dolphin or monkey, but viewing man as a spirit with untapped potential to create its own life and identity.

And finally:

Whilst being such a controversial religion, Scientology claims to have the thickest skin of most modern religions. Qhilst that might be true, some reports of "Attacking the Attacker" (a program thought up by L. Ron Hubbard to dispell outsiders mocking the church) have popped up over the years. If there’s any religion seen in almost every media, almost always shown in a bad light, it’s Scientology. From small references and parodies on television in shows like South Park (2005, Season 9) and Millennium (1997, Season 2) to larger parts in video games such as Grand Theft Auto: V as the Epsilon Program, even warranting its own single-player mission, characters, and outfits. But, as television and videogames seem to like poking fun at Scientology, more and more film stars seem to be adhering to the religion. Hollywood A-Lister’s like Tom Cruise, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s own, Will Smith, even “That One Guy from Gangster Squad and he’s Also In That One Show On NBC I Think”, Giovanni Ribisi.

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Dear John, Your Hair Was Nice

Visiting Gold Base, Before I Learned Much

Finally, after staying a night in a Hotel 8 just outside of Long Beach, I was ready to go. I can't say I was super excited to be meeting a 20-something year old in a religion's main headquarters, but I really can't say I wasn't either. The idea of my visit was to take a quick peak around the grounds, shake hands, and watch a short seminar along with a few new adherents of Scientology on it's general ideas and beliefs, etc. I get a phone call at around 1:00 pm, about an hour from when I'm supposed to be at the Gold Base. It was John,
"How's it hangin'?"
"Just fine, yourself?"
He was just fine too, apparently. "I'm off to get you now," he said, "you ready to go?"
John was coming to pick me up. Fantastic. I said I was and he said he would be outside the Hotel in a half-hour. And he was. He pulled up in an ice-white Toyota Camry, honked his horn and waved vigorously at me. On our way up to the facilities, he told me about the general history of the place. Things like how it was a resort-type place in the 70's and was purchased by the Church of Scientology. He even said they have their own production set down there, for shooting films and such. I thought that was neat. I also kept staring at his hair for no reason. Well, there was a reason, it was gorgeous. It looked as if it took him hours to do, but he didn't really seem the type to spend a while on his hair. He told me when he isn't consulting for the church, he usually surfs with his friend, Tom (probably Cruise) and watches movies with his girlfriend. He was a regular guy. Just some dude. I was hoping everyone was going to be like that, and they were. I liked John. Not like that. You know what I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter.

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Hollywood, Shmollywood

"I'm Pretty Sure That Was Marky Mark!"

sunny 29 °C

For the hours of traveling in-between Disney and Los Angeles, nothing too special happened. We did make a short pit stop to an ice cream shop on the side of the road once we did get into Los Angeles, which in itself was very nice. Ice cream just tastes better when it's being served by an unhappy, still-looking-for-work 'actress'. Traveling around Hollywood in particular was such a treat. Seeing places we hear about on programs like TMZ and other such TV trash really makes you want to cheer, "I WISH MY LIFE WAS COOL LIKE YOURS, ICE-T!". I also saw the Hollywood sign. That thing is really really neat, I've got to tell you. Just sitting there on top of a huge hill, over-looking everything beneath it. Very ominous and neat. I thought it was cooler when it was 'Hollywoodland', though.

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